Thursday, 11 August 2011

Con Air

I have watched this film a good 5 times and I can easily say its one of my favourite. Usually I prefer comedy films, but this film has always had me hooked! I enjoy the fact that we are instantly brought into the main character of Cameron Poe's side and feel for him as we travel through the story. The viewer finds themselves feeling that they are in the situation and feel every moment of the film. The choices of characters are fantastic and really bring an edge-of-the-seat feel to the film, and the ending is fantastic! I showed my girlfriend the last 10 minutes of this film, and it as still time to feel for the character, she was in tears before the end. Excellent film!



  1. Con Air! That's a classic. I really do prefer Nick Cage's earlier stuff when he didn't seem like such an artard.

  2. i agree, that since for example, ghost rider, he has let himself down, gone in 60 seconds is another of my favourites that i will be reviewing in the near future!